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Application for Soul Campaign

Name: Juvia Lockser
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Canon: Fairy Tail
Timeline: Post 7 year timeskip

Juvia's Story

Juvia's base personality is...kind of a little gloomy at first. She worked with the enemy originally, due to believing that she couldn't fit in anywhere else. For some unexplainable reason, it would constantly rain when she was around. Without fail. She took to making dolls to try and keep the rain away, and was often ostracized for that. When she was little, the other children didn't like her and used to make fun of her -because- of that coincidence that it would always rain when she was around. She had a boyfriend for a brief amount of time, and even -he- dumped her because he was sick of the rain. Phantom Lord was the one guild that accepted Juvia as she was, gloomy and rainy season included. Even with that, she still felt lonely - she felt that it was the one place she belonged.
As discovered when she meets Gray, the Ice Mage of Fairy Tail, when she falls for someone, she falls hard. Desperation for acceptance and love when she's had little of it in her past translates her affection to something stalk-worthy, unhealthily obsessive. Everything in her life changes to revolve around that one lucky (or unlucky) person, whether he returns those affections or not. The more it appears that the other person is uninterested, the more Juvia tries to gain their affection, by whatever means necessary. She won't even hesitate to use a shady love potion, and if anyone gets caught up in the fiasco, it isn't a concern of hers. No one else matters, just the one she loves. Or believes she loves. Of course, given how she devotes her entire being to that person, it tends to chase them away more than bring them close. This is the kind of woman who would probably think Twilight is a masterpiece and the greatest romantic book of all time
As such, when the target of her affection is with another woman or man and they tend to have a better relationship or friendship than Juvia herself, she gets insanely jealous of that other person. The antagonistic jealousy isn't particularly violent or hostile, rarely going beyond death-glares and petty pranks (like serving someone spicy soup instead of tea), but this in addition to her wild imagination tends to make situations seem worse than they actually are. She has a tendency of thinking up bizarre fan-ficworthy scenarios in her imagination, usually involving the target of her love and whoever he is currently interacting with, in which they are involved in romantic situations.
In theory, as much as she obsesses over her love, being rejected from that love would probably do some severe damage to her emotionally, and even cause her to revert back to her gloomy days, at least for a while. On the flip side, being the one that is being pursued romantically is something Juvia is not sure how to deal with, and that may be because she is a surprisingly shy young woman - except in certain matters. She is - or tries to be - a devoted one-man kind of person, as difficult as that is when the one she's not trying to flirt with is being exceedingly charming and is handsome in his own right. On the one hand, she likes the attention, but on the other, once she's focused on the one she's in love with, it's hard to switch that attention any. Even if she does start to feel affected by the attention from the other person, she feels horribly guilty over being unfaithful (even though she's not in an actual relationship yet).
Outside of these....obsessive qualities, she is a kind young woman, given the opportunity. She is friendly enough to others she encounters, even though she believed they might not accept her if it rained around her all the time like it did in the past. She doesn't participate in many pranks, or tell too many jokes (seriously her comedic timing is probably awful) but she does enjoy seeing people having a good time. She is ultimately polite, referring to many of her companions formally with -san, herself with -chan, and the one she cares for most with -sama, and can be compassionate towards her rivals (or the rivals in her mind at least) and even an enemy, and can even forgive them. Her chief rival back home is enough of a friend that she will be worried and defend them in a fight, though she remains suspicious of them whenever they're with her stalk-crush-loveinterest.
Lastly, she is not a push over when it comes to a fight - though her fighting ability tended to rely entirely on her magic rather than fighting physically, but her magic is extremely powerful. She is a very determined young woman, whether it is in battle or in love - her entire being seems to be wrapped tightly around, 'if it is for that person, I will do anything' whether it's stalking like a creeper, using love potions, fighting or getting up and continuing to fight just because they're near.

Why is your character a good fit for the setting of Soul Campaign, and what will they do once they are in the game?
Having once been a villain - kinda - herself, Juvia isn't so self sacrificing as to throw herself into a sitution the way her fellow mages at Fairy Tail might. However, she does have difficulty ignoring someone in trouble, and since allying with Fairy Tail and becoming smitten with Gray, she is more willing to help those who are in trouble. Most of her motivation revolves around what Gray would think of her, so while the base of her desire to help out in the war is to make him proud, whether or not he was in Death City, she does acknowledge that she should use her ability to help those in need, and that it's the right thing to do.

List the abilities your character will still have in Soul Campaign:
- Excellent swimming ability
- High endurance - she won't be able to breathe underwater, but she can hold her breath for a long time. 3 minutes total to start, and with training she will be able to hold her breath for five minutes.

List the weaknesses your character will gain (or lose) in Soul Campaign:
- Juvia will lose her magic /sob noooooo
- Also Juvia is not much of a physical fighter, and had always relied on her magic to fight, so there's that.


Soul Description:
Adjectives: Shy, Devoted/Obsessive, Jealous, Lonely, Kind, Romantic
Description: Juvia's soul is dark blue with wavy edges the curl up on the sides similar to her own hair style. It has a slow, bobbing pattern, like that of a wave and an unsmiling expression.

(Weapon Form) / Ability:
Juvia's Weapon Form is a Water Trident (with an elemental property of water)
Ability: Water Lock - using water, she creates a sphere around the target and traps them inside it. On average, the water lock tends to last about 5s, though with enough training she can extend it 5 additional seconds per soul consumed. Again with training, she would be able to target multiple enemies with a water lock, but this wouldn't be until she reached Deathscythe level, and the amount of targets would be a maximum of five - the maximum amount of time at this point that she could hold her targets would be five minutes. With regards to the Water Lock, someone strong enough -can- break out of the watery prison, though it may be difficult considering they won't be able to breathe when inside of it. The water lock can be used either close range or long range - however at long range the trident must remain in contact with the ground, as water will rush forward towards who is being targeted to 'swallows' them up in that bubble of water. In this sense if it's noticed, the target can try to avoid the attack, though Juvia's water lock will 'chase' them down for a radius of 20-30 feet before it has to withdraw again.

[ A nervous looking one appears on the network - perhaps she's a new arrival? It's a fair guess, given the way she looks around anxiously. ]

Juvia... Juvia was given a communicator to speak to others in this city. Juvia hopes she is using it properly.

[ Fidget, glancing around, and then an earnest tilt of her head. ]

Juvia wants to know if Juvia is alone here? Juvia has friends she was with moments ago, in Magnolia. Juvia is looking for Gray-sama, or Natsu-san, or Gray-sama, or Erza-san, or Gray-sama, or Lucy-san, or Gray-sama. But Juvia especially wants to see Gray-sama, who is d... important to Juvia.

Can someone tell Juvia if her friends are here?

[ Another pause. ]

Gray-sama -- Juvia is here! Juvia hopes you are too~!

[ Everyone else can go die in a fire, she only needs her darling Gray-sama. Aa, recruited into a war with Gray-sama at her side. Just Juvia and Gray-sama -- oh sorry network, Juvia's ..just...kinda drifting into la-la land right now, having forgotten to end the feed. ]

It must have been a dream. A crazy, crazy dream, because the last thing she could clearly remember was being in the guild with her nakama and her precious Gray-sama. And there was that guy - Lyon-sama, who... he'd... he'd confessed to her didn't he? What was she to do with that? She believed herself to love Gray-sama dearly but he...

No, she won't think about that right now. The most important thing is that she was in a strange place and Gray-sama was nowhere to be seen! When she got up off the floor, she naturally, paid attention to the explanation to what the natives in the place were telling her, although it was a little difficult to believe. At least, it would be if she hadn't been taken to another world before. Unfortunately she didn't remember any of that, having been turned into a lacrima the whole time.

But wait - if Gray was here, then perhaps the others might be as well? Maybe Juvia won't be alone here? She'd been given a communicator to reach out to others connected to the network. She wanted to hear Gray-sama's voice - she wanted to see Gray-sama's face - she wanted to feel Gray-sama'swhoooooooooah let's not get ahead of ourselves Juvia. She felt the heat rising in her cheeks and silently commanded herself to control herself. Oh but if Gray-sama was here - how could she keep from throwing herself at him out of joy!

Unless Lucy was here. Or Erza. Or what if he has been here for long enough that he's forgotten her, or fallen for someone else? Nooooooo, she can't handle that. She had to hurry and re-establish her position in Gray-sama's life. If he was here, she had to be at his side to help him - and that meant help out in this war. Of course she would help out regardless, but Gray was just an extra incentive.

GRAY SAMA IS THE BEEEEEEEEEEST *_* /slaps self. I'm good.